Vin-to-Yin (also referred to as Yin & Yang yoga) merges an active and invigorating yoga practice with a passive restorative practice--all within one class.  We begin with the “yang,” warming up and activating the body by way of a Vinyasa flow (fluid, dynamic movement linked to the breath). Once the body is warm and energized, we move into a grounding Yin practice, slowly easing into deep stretches and holding them passively for minutes at a time.  Tension gradually melts away as you find calmness and meditation in the stillness. A truly balanced and complementary practice, it is both: stimulating and peaceful, fiery and refreshing, cleansing and meditative. Physically speaking, it assists in gaining strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Mentally, it leaves you feeling rejuvenated, centered, and clearheaded to take on the week ahead of you. This class is well suited for beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga practitioners.



Restorative yoga relieves the effects of chronic stress and promotes relaxation to calm the body--mentally, physically, and emotionally. Poses (the majority of them being seated or reclined) are held passively for longer periods of time while utilizing props to allow the body to truly relax, open up, and feel supported in deeper stretches. In a world where we can find ourselves in a perpetual state of overstimulation, the opportunity is given to find balance and slow down. Verbal cues are offered to guide you through how to untie the knots in the mind and body. Restorative yoga has been known to aid in the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, injury recovery, back pain, and stressed-induced illness. The class is beneficial and suitable for yogis from total beginner to advanced practitioner.



The morning rituals we choose for ourselves set the tone for the types of days we end up having. By actively deciding to start your day with complete mindfulness, you will gain the tools to regulate your energy and emotions, position yourself to have more successful interactions with the people you encounter, and gift yourself the ability to feel strong, comfortable and capable in your body. This mindful yoga flow is an approachable and gradual progression of movement linked with the breath that will wake up the body, release early morning stiffness, and enable you to become grounded and centered. You will leave feeling energized, with a clear mind, and ready to take on your day. The class is suitable for yoga practitioners of all experience levels; and modifications will be offered to provide more or less of a challenge.



My Ashtanga-inspired Vinyasa Flow classes emphasize a rhythm or "flow" in the sequence of postures -- in harmony with the breath -- to allow the practitioner to access a state of meditation in motion. Each class is structured in a wise progression of asanas (poses) that starts with invigorating dynamic movement to warm the body with integrity and release initial muscular tension and stiffness.

The pace then slows down, moving to standing and balancing asanas that build strength and increase bone density. After that, we make our way to the floor, gaining flexibility in a seated sequence, stimulating and activating the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous systems in inversions... and finishing with finding stillness in seated meditation and rest in shavasana.

I encourage students to practice toward progress rather than perfection. To that end, I work to create a safe and supportive space where students can tune into their bodies and emotions, fully embrace their vulnerability, and let the mindfulness of practice radiate into daily life.